WWCPJ in Peru

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first look the image 

That’s my name there which means that the WWCPJ project is coming to Peru, in fact is in Peru now because yesterday I received  the  package.
Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about so let me explain. Last June I wrote a post about this idea (here) at that time I never expect that the project one day  arrive to me or any other participant of Peru, but it happens now!
The project begins with a wonderful idea of a Singapore cosplayer,[ here you can find more information about]   who sent a camera, a scarf and some instructions about this, the participant is selected  in a random way from people who wrote a comment in Kaika’s blog, then the last participant send  the package and all the process begin again.
But as you can read in the image, I was lucky because the original 4th receiver didn’t answer, lucky me, don’t you think? Well, like many know I like anime, manga and cosplay stuff so I’m very excited! 
well now I ‘m going to take the photo, so see you then! 
[/bad English]